Sacred Source Spiritual Center

1st Sunday of Every Month:

1:00 -2:15pm  Celtic Wisdom of the Wheel of the Year:

This year long journey follows nature as She travels through each seasons of the year guided by the Druid and Celtic spirituality as shown in the Wildwood Tarot. We learn to connect with natural forces in a powerful way. Come for one, come for all. 

2nd Sunday of Every Month:

1:00-2:15 Spiritual Tool Box

Teachings about the principles, proper use and practices of key tools to enhance the life of the Spiritual Student.  Each month offers the introduction of one such as color energy; affirmations, mudras, numerology, minerals and crystals, chakras, sound, etc.  For those who desire a deeper understanding, Spiritual Development classes will be offered.

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Sacred Source Spiritual Center, LLC

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"Today was my first workshop at Sacred Source Spiritual Center. I really liked the atmosphere, and the people were very warm and welcoming. The workshop itself was filled valuable information that I am able to put to practical use right away." (LJ)

Ongoing Monthly A.W.I.S.E Workshops

(Ageless Wisdom Inspired Exploration)

An Inter-Spiritual Community that Honors Ageless Wisdom Found in All World Traditions

3rd Sunday of Every Month

1:00-2:15 Spiritual Practices

An opportunity to learn a new spiritual practice or to connect on a deeper level one you may already have.  A Spiritual Practice strengthens the connections between the Divine within you to the Great One Divine Source (God by any name).

4th Sunday of Every Month

1:00-2:15 pm Spiritual Gifts

As Spiritual Beings, we were born with many gifts.  This workshop helps us to intentionally reclaim the gifts that are dormant within. By awakening our spiritual and vibrational bodies we become more aware of Spirit around us. We learn how to tap into Spirit in a responsible and safe manner.  Some topics include divination, Tarot Reading, spiritual healing, mediumship, and other psychic gifts.